Vocational Education


Certificate 2 in Parks and Gardens

2016 has seen the introduction of the Certificate 2 in Parks and Gardens (Horticulture) in our upper secondary school. Ten students in their final years of school were selected to undertake the program and participated in both theory and practical units, learning skills such as plant identification, landscaping, light construction, OH&S and how to safely operate small machinery such as ride-on lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

Students participated in the Certificate 2 in Parks and Gardens two days per week and even remained at school for an hour longer than their peers in order to meet the time requirements of the program. As an Occupational Health and Safety requirement, students were also required to wear a different uniform to that of their peers including high-vis clothing and steel-capped boots.



In addition to general grounds maintenance, two significant projects were completed within the school grounds, including the new edible garden near the kitchen and the sensory garden outside Classes 3 and 4. Students were directly involved in every stage of these projects, right through from the design and consultation stage through to the construction and maintenance stage. We would encourage members of the school community to view these areas; you will no doubt recognise the fantastic results as evidenced by the before and after photos below.


We look forward to providing upper secondary students with vocational education opportunities in 2017, 2018 and beyond.