Strengthening Pathways

Strengthening Pathways is now in its forth year and continues to grow, all the while providing our senior students with valuable opportunities to further explore pathways beyond school.

As a school, we recognise that the traditional concept of “a career” has now expanded to include any organised, meaningful activity in which an individual not only contributes to their community but also their own wellbeing. In this context, career activities may include employment, work experience, volunteering, training and involvement in organised activities and day programs. For this reason Strengthening Pathways not only includes units such as Food Safety, Barista Training and Safe @ Work, but also includes Personal Fitness, Personal and Social Wellbeing, Environmental Volunteering, Travel Training and visits to Day Service Providers such as Sages Cottage.

Strengthening Pathways

Some of our upper secondary students have also participated in work experience placements. It has been wonderful to see these students applying the work-readiness skills they have learnt in Strengthening Pathways out in the work place.

Each year Peninsula Specialist College also holds a Career and Wellbeing Expo. This event brings together services and organisations from around the Mornington Peninsula, who aim to support young people and adults with a disability. Stall holders included Day Services Providers, Disability Employment Services, Recreational Sporting Groups, Business Enterprises, Registered Training Organisations, Community Gardens and Youth Services.

Strengthening Pathways will continue to provide opportunities for senior students in 2018. We thank all parents, staff and students for their support in delivering this program.

Senior Teaching Department